Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 27.09.2017



    School for Primary and Secondary Education “14.oktobar”, which works on the territory of Palilula Municipality this year marks and celebrates 50 years since the establishment. In the jubilee year, which was declared the year of reconstruction of space and equipment renewal, the boiler room of the school will be rebuilt, and the cabinets will be equipped with new computer equipment thanks to the donation of the Foundation “Ana and Vlade Divac” and EURObanka.
    The reconstruction of space and renovation of school equipment was supported by the City of Niš and Palilula Municipality. On this occasion the school was visited by donors and sponsors: Ana Kosel, Director of the Ana and Vlada Divac Foundation, Slavica Pavlović, President of the Executive Board of Euro Bank, Aleksandar Ždrale, President of Palilula Municipality, representatives of the City of Niš – Dragoslav Pavlović, Assistant of the Mayor of Niš, Bojan Krstić , member of the City Council, Marina Kostic, Secretary of the Secretariat for Education of the Administration of the City of Nis and Ivica Stojanovic, a member of the Municipal Council of Palilula.

    The donation value is 520,000 dinars, says school director Misa Ljubenovic. “I’m glad that someone realized our needs and the importance of arranging the boiler room at the time when the winter period begins. There will be no more difficulty when it comes to heating the school, because what has been done is a precondition for the boiler room normal work. It is now technically correct and considerably safer. ” In addition to arranging boiler room and boilers, the Foundation also delivered 24 computers to the school, which will be of great help to pupils during school classes. According to the director of the school, there is a lot of missing from the school and inventory for teaching, starting from interactive boards, equipment for working with children with various disabilities. “What we need most at this moment is a matter of space, adds the school director Misa Ljubenovic. We are in the process of obtaining building permits and resolving impedative-legal issues of ownership of land. This would allow us to compete for funds in the Ministry of Education or other donors.

    The school “14th October” is attended by 151 pupils, 87 in elementary and 64 in secondary education, divided into 24 classes, including home education classroom (15 in elementary and 9 in high school). 40 teachers are trained within the educational goals of the teaching and corrective (re) habilitation treatment at school for working with pupils with disabilities.