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    Palilula Municipality is one of the central and southeast Serbian main organizers of the International children manifestation `Radost Evrope` (Joy of Europe).

    The fans of rock music can enjoy at Palilulski Prvi on every January 1. It is true rock manifestation which is becoming traditional. Palilula is also a regular sponsor of many cultural manifestations including literal, musical, art and movie events.

    KUD `Mladost` (cultural artistic society) is situatedin Vukmanovo village and is very active.

    Recently Nis Cultural Centre – NKC, has moved to Palilula. NKC is the main organizer of many City of Nis festivals including Festival of film achievements – commonly called Filmski susreti (Film Encounters), Nisomnia – rock, dj and techno festival, Nisville – famous European jazz festival …


    There are many historical monuments in Palilula:

    • Bubaj-Hum culture from prehistoric period marked the beginning of the organization of human society.
    • Early Christian finding is discovered in the area of St Nikola Church.
    • In many risings against the Turks many heroes came from this area and many battles for liberating the city of Nis took place here. Legendary hero from this part of today`s Nis is Nikola –Kole Rasic.
    • Memorial park `Bubanj` is dedicated to the victims of the WWII.