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    Tamara Pešić

    Tamara Pešić, a graduated lawyer, with 14 years of work experience in the legal profession, by the decision of the Palilula Municipal Council, was appointed acting Head of Administration of the Palilula Municipality starting from October 12, 2020. Before that position, she worked in the private sector and this is 12th year as she works in the Administration of the City Municipality of Palilula, where she performed tasks for eight years for the preparation and realization of the meetings of the Assembly and working bodies of the Assembly of the Palilula Municipality. Since 2016, she has been assigned to the position of “labor relations and normative legal affairs and affairs of providing free legal aid”. Tamara Pešić is registered in the Register of the Ministry of Justice as a registered provider of free legal aid to the local self-government.

    In recent years, she has participated in numerous training and seminars. In 2013, she received a certificate from the MNG Center for Human Resources Development and Management for mandatory submission of electronic applications for social insurance through the central register portal, a certificate from the Institute for Economic Diplomacy for the professional training for newspapers, and practical work on the CROSO portal. In 2017, she received a certificate for e-training on the implementation of the Law on General Administrative Procedure in Local Self-Government and successfully passed the training on data exchange ex officio organized by the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities. During 2019, she attended training for alerting and protection of whistleblowers at the Standing Conference of Cities and Municipalities of Serbia.



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