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    Interreg-IPA Bulgaria-Serbia Cross-border Cooperation Program ( was adopted by the European Commission on 30 July 2015 and finances projects related to the development of sustainable tourism, youth and environmental protection in the border region of Bulgaria and Serbia. The region includes the Bulgarian districts of Vidin, Montana, Vratsa, Sofia, Pernik and Kyustendil, as well as the Serbian districts: Borski, Zajecar, Nisava, Toplica, Pirot, Jablanicki and Pcinjski.

    Eligible beneficiaries of the Program are local, regional and national institutions, agencies and bodies, protected area administrations, local/regional forest holdings, cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions – universities, schools, colleges and libraries, etc. The project “Promotion of Tourist Attractions through Interactive Exhibitions of the Cultural and Historical Heritage of the Cross-Border Region” within the Program is being implemented by the Municipality of Palilula Nis (GO Palilula) in partnership with the Municipality of Pirdop from the Republic of Bulgaria. The aim of the project is to create sustainable development in the cross-border region of Serbia and Bulgaria.

    Both municipalities are rich in sites of cultural importance that can become the basis for the development of cultural and historical tourism on both sides of the border. The project is expected to bring together stakeholders in municipalities, especially tourism and culture, NGOs, entrepreneurs and youth, on the road to sustainable partnership in the border region.

    As part of the project, which began during November 2016, the first project conference “New Perspectives on Local Tourism Heritage Tourism Potentials in Pirdop and Palilula Municipalities” was held in Pirdop Municipality on February 21, 2017. The delegation of Palilula Municipality was led by President Aleksandar Ždrale. Angel Gerov, the President of Pirdop Municipality, hosted a reception for participants of the Conference at the Municipal headquarters, and then, with Aleksandar Zdrale, President of Palilula, opened a program conference at the National Museum of Pirdop Municipality.

    The second project conference “Innovative Approaches to Promoting Attractive Tourist Destinations in the Border Region of Pirdop-Palilula” was held on May 10, 2017, at the Media & Reform Center in Niš. Cross-border cooperation, project activities and partnerships of the two municipalities were discussed by dr. Edvin Sugarev, Consul General of the Republic of Bulgaria in Nis, Aleksandar Zdrale, President of Palilula Municipality and Angel Gerov, President of Pirdop.

    The conference featured a documentary on the tourism and cultural potentials of the municipalities of Pirdop and Palilula – “The Cultural Heritage of Pirdop and Palilula”.

    Palilula from Nis Municipal Delegation, led by Mayor Aleksandar Zdrale, attended the ceremony on the occasion of the festival “Folkore Tradition, Different Cultures – Common Values” in Pirdop, Republic of Bulgaria, July 20-22, 2017. The representatives of Palilula Municipality got acquainted with the cultural sights and tourist potentials of Pirdop municipality. At the central ceremony, cultural and artistic societies – KUD Abrasevic from Niš and dance club “Sareno Oro” from Pirdop performed.

    The City Municipality of Palilula in Niš hosted the participants of the final project activities from October 10 to October 13, 2017 in the Municipality of Palilula, and on that occasion, a festival was titled: “Different Cultures – Common Values between Pirdop and Palilula”. Aleksandar Zdrale, President of Palilula and his associates and members of the Cultural and Art Society “Abrasevic”, welcomed guests from Pirdop partner Municipality: Angel Gerov, Mayor with associates, Kostadin Kostadinov, project manager and member of the dancing ensemble “Sareno Oro” from Pirdop