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    Reception of Citizens

    In the premises of Palilula Municipality reception of citizens is performed every working day from 07.30 am to 15.30 pm.

    Reception of citizens is carried out on the basis of previously submitted application for reception which can be submitted in person to the premises of Palilula Municipality or can be delivered through the mail.

    Palilula Municipality, according to its competences, in the Statute of Palilula Municipality, helps the development of various forms of self-help and solidarity with persons with disabilities, as well as with individuals in a substantially unequal position compared to other citizens and encourages activities and provides assistance to organizations of disabled people and other socially-humanitarian organizations in their area.

    Single financial assistance

    According to the financial possibilities of Palilula Municipality occasionally provides to the citizens, who belong to socially vulnerable groups, single granted financial assistance.

    In order to be entitled to one-time or single financial assistance, the following documents have to be submitted:

    • request,
    • a certificate on the financial-property status of the applicant,
    • certificate of income for the applicant and family members (certificate of payment, pension check, Child Support, material assistance),
    • statements from local offices on the number of household members (from the territory of Palilula Municipality),
    • certificate from the National Employment Office if the applicant or a family member is unemployed, a certificate from the children school,
    • ID card photocopy for the applicant and all adult family members,
    • hospital release list or the latest medical report by a specialist, not older than 3 months,
    • other documentation attesting to the relevant facts for the decision.

    NOTE: Documents can not be older than six (6) months. Incomplete documentation will not be accepted. The Commission reserves the right to verify the accuracy of data.

    Van transport services

    Palilula Municipality has a van with a ramp for the disabled, which sometimes handicapped people from its teritory transport with it. Users should submit appropriate medical documentation and a completed application form for the use of van, in the Palilula Municipality. Counter no2. municipality of Palilula on the counter # 2.