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    Office for youth

    In order to create conditions for better life of young people and their active participation in contemporary trends of social development, Palilula Municipality decided on ‘Office for Youth’ opening, in accordance with the Recommendation of the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Serbia.

    Objectives of the Office for Youth are:

    1. affirmation of the young,
    2. support youth initiatives and projects,
    3. promoting healthy life styles,
    4. economic empowerment of young people,
    5. informal education of youth,
    6. informing young people,
    7. promoting values of respect for human rights, equality and tolerance,
    8. prevention of destructive behavior of young people and
    9. promotion of voluntary work.

    Office for Youth participates in the development of Local Youth Strategy and Action Plan for the young. Activities of the Office for Youth are contained in the organization of creative workshops in various areas, intercultural workshops and workshops for training and development of personal and social skills.

    Office for Youth organizes education on healthy lifestyles, human rights, trafficking, gender equality, ecology and education to professional development. Office for Youth organizes presentations and various sports activities.

    The overall activity of the Office for Youth is achieved in accordance with the ‘National Youth Strategy of the Republic of Serbia’ adopted on May 9 2008.

    Authorized person – Coordinator for Youth Office of Palilula Municipality- Ivana Jović.