Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 28.10.2019


    A healthier and cleaner environment is the goal of an action organized jointly in Nis on October 28 by the City Secretariat for Environmental Protection, PUC “Mediana” and “Naissus”, Palilula Municipality, Blic and Vip Mobile. This time the riverside of the Gabrovo River was cleaned, as well as the riverbed near the old Brickyard.

    The participants in this activity were greeted by Ivica Stojanovic, a member of the Palilula Municipal Council, on behalf of the President. He emphasized that one of the strategic goals of the development of the Municipality is the constant activity on environmental protection, through project activities, educational programs, campaigns, in cooperation with civil society organizations, the Office for Youth. The ecological action of river cleaning in Serbia was initiated by Blic and Vip mobile with the intention of restoring the watercourses in Serbia with a dignified appearance, as well as making our environment nicer and healthier, says Branislav Janackovic, Blic correspondent from Nis.

    The campaign aims to organize and encourage specific clean-up actions, as well as a general awareness of the environmental challenges our country faces. The cleaning action of the Gabrovo River is carried out in cooperation with the City of Niš, the Palilula Municipality and the City Secretariat for Environmental Protection, with the participation of employees of public utility companies and volunteers.