Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 28.05.2021


    The City of Nis is preparing for the celebration of the feast of the Slava- Saint day of Nis “Holy Emperor Constantine and Empress Jelena”, as well as the traditional manifestation “Palilula Evening”.

    The selector of Serbia, Dragan Stojković Piksi, arrived in his hometown, where he was given a reception in the Palilula Municipal building, and there he was welcomed by Bratislav Vucković, the president of the Municipality. At the press conference, Stojković had a surprise.

    President Vuckovic announced that the initiative of the citizens of the Municipality of Palilula is actually that the sport hall “Cair” has the name of the celebrated footballer Piksi.

    “We don’t have that big sports legend in Nis than you. Palilula wants to repay you in this way “, said the president of the Nis municipality of Palilula, Bratislav Vuckovic, to the selector of the” eagles “,

    That initiative surprised Stojković, who spoke about it through tears.

    I always feel very emotional when I come to my city and it is a special feeling that cannot be described in words. It is the same today, my emotions hit me harder on a piece of land that means a lot to me, and that is Cair and that magical stadium for me magical. That stadium made me a man, it taught me a lot and I can’t forget that. If that is done, there will be no words to thank for that, except for my love for the club and where the ‘ace in Nis’ is always relevant to this city, which for me is the most beautiful in the world and will always remain. I am not any more important than other people who have done a lot for Radnički, for this city, but if people think so – it will be a great pleasure for me, said Dragan Stojković Piksi.

    He received a jersey of Radnicki with his last name as a gift from the president- Bratislav Vuckovic, and a framed fan scarf “meraklije” and the Encyclopedia of the famous people from Nis. Nagoya in Japan paid tribute to Piksi as it named one of its streets after Pixie.

    Dragan Stojković Piksi, via a video link, sent greetings to all Palilula citizens on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the Palilula evening. (News, photo by D. Vidojković)