Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 24.06.2019



    The Gabrovacka River in Nis was cleaned up during the big ecological action “Blic” Clean our Rivers and Lakes “, in cooperation with the City of Niš and Palilula Municipality, who gladly joined the initiative” of Blic.

    The two most endangered points were identified at this tributary of Nisava, where the removal of garbage from the river bed and around it began. With the support of Nis public utility companies “Medijana” and “Naisus”, and in coordination with the City Secretariat for Environmental Protection, the participation of volunteers and environmental organizations, the Gabrovacka riverbed, from the bridge in Dusan Popovic Street has been cleaned.

    Pollution is caused by the lack of people living in that part of the Palilula, because various types of waste are dumped in the river. We even have parts of furniture that we took out of the water about ten days ago on one part of Gabrovka River also car tires, plastic bottles, clothes, shoes … At least two to three times a year we have to clean it. During the summer, the Gabrovacka River looks more like a creek, but when it’s raining, it becomes bigger and looks like a little river where such waste can cause a lot of problems. If it accumulates around the bridge pillar, it can increase the pressure on the pillars, and if the flaws in which the water goes out, it can lead to leakage and material damage in the households that are in the vicinity to the left and right of it – says the president of Palilula Municipality Aleksandar Ždrale. Young people from the Youth Office of Palilula Municipality, volunteers Association of Citizens “Delijski Vis”, EKOpolis network participated also in the campaign of cleaning the Gabrovka River. The weather conditions that are present these days warn us that it is possible for the water to come out out of the river and it can lead to unwanted consequences. We do not want that, but we are ready to take all actions and measures in a timely manner first with regard to ecology, and then to preserve material goods.

    We decided to join the “Blic” campaign and send a message that we all have to keep natural resources, not to pollute the environment, and simply take all measures to report those irresponsible individuals to the competent institutions that will take appropriate measures and actions – said the president They are the most important. According to the words of the Mayor of Nis, Darko Bulatovic, who joined the action “Blic” because the struggle for a cleaner city is a daily task. What is the most important is such actions should awake ecological awareness among the citizens, most of all the youngest ones, because the less we get dirty, the less we will have to clean, and that should be our goal.