Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 26.09.2022



    Several sports clubs from the territory of Palilula municipality have already received jerseys, and it is planned to distribute sets of sports equipment to other sports organizations that are trying to present Palilula as a fertile ground for the creation of new sports aces. The president of the Municipality, Bratislav Vučković, and the vice president, Lazar Dinić, recently received a delegation from the “Moravac” Football Club from Gornje Međurovo.

    On this occasion, the President of the “Moravac” Football Club, Velibor Milojković, and the members of the coaching staff, Stevan Cvetanović and Dragan Cvetanović, were presented with sports equipment (jerseys and two soccer balls) as a sign of support for the further gathering of young people and the popularization of soccer.

    The football club “Moravac” in Gornje Međurovo is a member of the Second Class League. It was founded back in 1948. Due to certain organizational problems, he has not worked for the past seven years. The Municipality of Palilula, with the support of donors and the City of Nis, creates the conditions for the young athletes of Gornje Međurovo to reunite in their club.

    “In this way, our Palilula wants to emphasize the importance of sports among young people, the best players always “grow” in some smaller clubs and later pave their way to the stars. With these donations, we want to strengthen small clubs and players who, following the example of the representatives of Serbia, give the last atom of strength for the game that means life. These actions are part of the support for our representation before the performance in Qatar, because among the inhabitants of Palilula there are excellent athletes and great fans of the most important secondary thing in the world. I want sports to be nurtured in our municipality, and we will work hard on that in the coming period,” said the president of the municipality, Bratislav Vučković. (Photos: Dragan Vidojković)