Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 10.08.2019

    “Say No to domestic violence“


    Say NO to Domestic Violence” is the first action in a series of activities organized by the Nis Police Department on Saturday, August 10, at the Palilula Market place in cooperation with the Palilula City Municipality and PJSC “Tržnica” with the aim of empowering victims to recognize and report domestic violence. Since the beginning of the year, no serious crime of domestic violence has been reported in the territory covered by the Police Directorate in Niš. Domestic violence is not a private matter to be silent about. This is a social problem that we want to point to, ”said Lidija Todorovic, a police officer at the Niš Police Department. Compared to last year, there were half the number of reported crimes of domestic violence.

    “More precisely, 49.7 percent have fewer reported crimes. However, we are not happy with this, because we know from our work and from our research and well-known situation that victims dare to report these crimes. This is the Balkans and it takes into account what the neighborhood will say about matters, there is economic insecurity, a common opinion that it is a shame, so it is hiding. Because of this, we decided not to wait for the victims to come to us. There may be resistance to the victim coming to the police who legitimize her, to give her information. That is why we have decided to go out in the field and in agreement with the local self-government and to approach the citizens, ”says Slavisa Virijevic, Chief of Niš Police Department.“

    It is unfortunate that domestic violence is expressed in socially vulnerable categories, of which there are many in the municipality of Palilula. We will strive not only today but also in the coming days to work together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the community and educate people to prevent violence of any kind, and especially domestic violence, ”said Palilula Presidend Aleksandar Zdrale.