Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 13.12.2017



    Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure prof.dr Zorana Mihajlovic and Mayor of Nis Darko Bulatovic gave the keys to apartments for 33 families in Nis, built under the program of construction of social apartments co-financed by the state through the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure. The President of the Municipality of Palilula, Aleksandar Ždrale, also attended this ceremonial event,from which territory 15 families houses were demolished on the landslides in Mramor.

    “From this day you have a roof over your head and that is the most important thing to be able to live like all the normal world and that your children could further develop and learn the school. The Ministry, the Government of Serbia and the city of Nis participated in financing the construction of these apartments and I am pleased that we are not building them only in Nis, but in several other cities in Serbia, said Minister Mihajlovic. The Deputy Prime Minister explained that the apartments that have received new tenants today are not less valuable in structure than any of the others built in Nis. “These are flats that meet all the standards, from energy efficiency to all those building standards that are necessary for an apartment to come out and be as such fully usable. Of course, all the apartments have the necessary documentation and usage permit, “Mihajlovic said. As she pointed out to the infrastructure projects that the Government and the City of Niš are jointly implementing, Niš has the opportunity to realize its full potential and become a strategic and transit center in this part of Europe. “Thanks to the support of the Government of Serbia and the Ministry, this project of a total of 70 apartments that has been waiting for its end for years, thanks to joint work and support, has welcomed this day to the satisfaction of these people who will have a roof over their heads today, “said the Mayor of Nis, Darko Bulatovic. The keys to the apartments for 18 families for social housing, financed by the state, were handed over by the Deputy Prime Minister, while the keys to 15 apartments were handed over by the Mayor of Nis to the families whose houses were demolished on the landslides in Mramor area.

    In the two buildings in Majakovski Street in Niš, there are 70 apartments in total, and for the remaining apartments were signed pre-contracts after the opened competition, under conditions more favorable than the market, a total of 159.7 million dinars were invested in the construction, of which the budget of Serbia was invested through the Ministry 46 million dinars.
    Zorana Mihajlovic emphasized on this occasion that in the past two years, 1.2 billion dinars have been invested for maintenance of the roads in the Nis district. New investments in the City of Nis are planned for the purpose of becoming a transit center, but also a center that will be recognized by the airport. She added that she is especially proud of the Nis airport, where has passed 300,000 passengers since the beginning of the year, and that she believes that the citizens of Nis see the results that have been made in the last few years. The Minister also pointed out that the Government of Serbia will sign a contract with the European Investment Bank by the end of the year, and the value of the project is about 250 million euros. As she explained, this is a project on the construction and modernization of the Nis-Dimitrovgrad railroad, as well as the construction of a roundabout around Nis.