Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 26.10.2021



    Palilula Municipality in Nis and the ACT Foundation Serbia signed an agreement in Nis on business and technical cooperation regarding the implementation of the project “Fruit Planting Movement” in order to raise public awareness in the Municipality of Palilula-City of Nis in the form of improving ecosystems and greening the planet. Apart from the signatories of the contract, members of the Municipal council, Prof. Dr. Miško Živić, Dušan Pujović, and Sasa Usenović, also attended this ceremony.

    Through the action “Plant to give new life in Palilula”, according to President Bratislav Vuckovic, the Municipality of Palilula, in cooperation with educational institutions in the Municipality, will determine the spots and locations for planting fruit trees, provide volunteers who will participate in the project and promote campaign goals. ACT Foundation, as a global charity that provides resources and services around the world such as food, shelter, clothing, medical care, will provide appropriate seedlings and provide logistical support in the project “Fruit Planting Movement” in the Municipality of Palilula-City of Nis, said Sanja Petković, coordinator of the activities of the ACT Foundation for Southeast Serbia. Project activities will take place until 2024, until the end of the project.

    The ACT Foundation is today a global movement, overcoming all human barriers such as race, class, gender, religion, and politics as it is committed to preserving all life on Earth. It also acts as a platform that connects people and enables the exchange of ideas, information, resources and experiences. ACT Foundation, says coordinator Sanja Petković, encourages us to find our own ways to get out of lethargy, apathy and passivity caused by stress and confusion in everyday life. To value our free time as a precious chance to serve and express unconditional love for Mother Earth, her people, plants, animals, and natural systems on which all life depends. (EKOpolis, D. Vidojković)