Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 03.12.2020


    lica sa invaliditetom imaju podrsku opstine palilula

    This year, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities in the World is celebrated from November 30 to December 4, under the UN slogan: “Building the future: towards an inclusive, sustainable and accessible world for persons with disabilities after the COVID-19 pandemic”, while in Serbia, all activities on that occasion will be organized as part of the campaign implemented by the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs – Sector for the Protection of Persons with Disabilities and NOOIS “Serbia without Barriers”.

    That was the reason that on December 3, at the Palilula ramp, the president of Palilula Municipality, Bratislav Vuckovic and his associates, councilor of the City of Nis Jasmina Barac and Marija Milanovic from the organization Association of the Blind of Nis pointed out the need for smoothing and greater support for people with disabilities. “Activities on overcoming barriers in the municipality of Palilula have been agreed.” People with disabilities today face not only physical barriers, but also social, economic and, above all, obstacles in attitudes, Vuckovic pointed out. The advent of information and communication technologies has sharply increased the establishment of connections between people and their access to information, thus raising the standard of living. The city municipality of Palilula harmonizes the most socially endangered categories of the population, listens to the needs of its citizens, achieves successful cooperation with institutions and numerous organizations and associations that represent the interests of persons with disabilities.

    Free transportation of disabled people in a specially equipped van is organized in the municipality. An access ramp to the services of the municipal administration has been built, high standards have been introduced in the communication of municipal officials with all citizens, especially persons with disabilities. The school for primary and secondary education “Carica Jelena” and the Special school with the student dormitory BUBANJ – are located on the territory of the City Municipality of Palilula. We help them to improve the conditions for education and rehabilitation of young people with mild and moderate mental retardation, as well as children with so-called Down syndrome and autism. Thanks to the project “YESTERDAY, TODAY, DRUM”, designed by participants of KreNI3 conference, Memorial Park “Drum” “In the City Municipality of Palilula, he received his model, which will enable blind and partially sighted people to visually experience this object through touch, and soon with the help of the Braille alphabet – a special letter for the blind.

    The National Employment Service, in cooperation with Palilula Municipality, implemented a program of public works for unemployed persons with disabilities. Three people were hired. In accordance with the available financial resources, a four-month engagement was provided for recording and mapping associations from the territory of the municipality of Palilula that are engaged in cultural and artistic activities. (D.V.)