Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 10.03.2020


    Theater and television actor Desimir Stanojevic passed away today, March 10, 2020 in Belgrade at the age of 69.
    He was born on October 7, 1950 in Nis. He played at the National Theater in Nis from 1970 to 1990, and from 1991 at the Terazije Theater in Belgrade. He is one of the founders of the Alternative Youth Theater “Treca polovina“, which has successfully worked at the Youth Center-Cultural Center in Niš.

    Due to his multi- talent (excellent dancer, musician and singer) he played a variety of roles in pieces of different stylistic and aesthetic character. Stanojevic played in musicals at the Terazije Theater. He performed at the Belgrade Drama Theater, Slavia Theatre and Puz Theater. He also played in TV series, dramas and films of domestic and foreign production. He gained wide popularity with the role of Vukasin Golubovic in the television series Srecni Ljudi“- Happy People. He recored five full-length television shows for RTS and RTV as well as four albums for PGP RTS.

    He has directed more than ten plays. He set the musical Violinist on the Roof (performed in 2010), the first musical in the history of the National Theater in Niš and then in 2017, and the Gypsy Flight to Sky, (before that, Tavern for All, Sima Returns Home, Fishing on the Asphalt). He has participated in eight festivals of fun, old town and children’s music (Manager in Belgrade, Belgrade Spring, Tamburica in Novi Sad, Nis Autumn – double winner). Produced by City Marketing Center in Niš, the documentary-music film “Life is a Musical“ about actor Desimir Stanojevic, which premiered at the 2018 Film Meetings.

    A reception was held to welcome the film premiere for the doyenne of Desimir Stanojevic, producer Oliver Paunovic and the documentary film crew. “I grew up on Palilula. When I heard that my friends would be making a movie about me, I was thrilled, because the films are made mostly for people who are no longer among the living. I have expressed my desire to help as much as I can and here I am with you today, said Desimir Stanojevic at the time.