Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 20.11.2018



    Next to the Health Center, in the street of Vojvode Tankosica, on November 20, the First Public Garage in Nis was officially opened. The garage is named after Goran Ostojic, a member of the 63rd Parachute Brigade, who died in Kosovo during the conflict in Kosovo and Metohija in 1998. Parking is made from the own funds of JKP “Parking service”, ie from the investment loan that will be refunded from the parking charge at this place. The garage capacity is 70 parking places, four of which are for disabled persons, and parking will be charged 40 dinars per hour starting from December 1, while the next ten days parking will be free of charge. According to the director of JKP “Parking service” Dejan Dimitrijevic, in the evening hours in the garage will be able to park the residents of the street Vojvode Tankosica, who have housing cards. After 12 years, “Parking Service” started such a big project and finished it in the same year, “added director Dimitrijevic. “The value of the entire project, procurement and installation of a modern garage of this type is 30 million dinars.

    From one unregulated parking lot we got now the first public garage of the middle level, fully equipped parking lots, with specially marked places for people with disabilities, illuminated and covered, but also provided with all security measures”, the Mayor of Nis Darko Bulatovic said. The Mayor announced the beginning of the construction of another public garage in the town that will be located on Sunđelićev trg, but added that the new parking is being built on the space between the new and old Clinical Center. “In total, only in these three places we will raise the capacity of parking space to a level that meets the needs of fellow citizens,” added Mayor Bulatovic.

    In parallel with this garage, according to the director of “Parking service”, this type of construction is provided for the most efficient parking in the city of Sinđelićev trg. “We expect that this project will be completed next year since the construction has already arrived and is with us. Preparation of planning documents is necessary for the commencement of works. We currently have 78 parking places, but this is about doubling the surface and when the project documentation is ready, we will know exactly how much parking space will be, “Dimitrijevic announced.The opening of the garage was also attended by the President of the Municipality of Palilula, Aleksandar Ždrale, with associates, as well as other city officials, President of the City Assembly of Niš, Rade Rajković, representatives of city municipalities, directors of public companies.

    Representatives of the Association of Veterans of the 63 Parachute Brigade were also among the officials, since on their proposal of the garage they took the name of one of their commander Goran Ostojic.