Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 16.09.2021



    Health with sustainable mobility is the theme of this year’s European Mobility Week, which began on September 16 in about 3,000 cities and 50 countries. In Serbia, 26 cities and municipalities participate by organizing a car-free pedestrian day, cycling, rollerblading, workshops, plays, exhibitions and other events. The City of Nis and the City Municipality of Palilula support this activity. “A clean, smart and resilient traffic system is the core of our economy and is crucial for people’s lives. That is why, on the 20th anniversary of European Mobility Week, I am proud of 3,000 cities across Europe and beyond for showing how safe and sustainable transport opportunities help our communities stay connected in these challenging times, “said EU Transport Commissioner Adina Valean. What remains for the citizens after the European Mobility Week are permanent measures for the improvement of sustainable mobility, which were initiated in Belgrade, Aleksinac, Boljevac, Cajetina, Uzice, Krusevac, Nis, Osecina, Pirot and Vlasotince.

    In Nis, in addition to the improvement of facilities for sharing and storing bicycles, conditions for people with disabilities will be improved, as well as traffic safety in school zones.

    Safe and healthy cycling on the EURO Velo 6 route, which is located next to the river international Danube route, is organized by the EU Info Corner Novi Sad, while EU Info Corner Nis organizes “Street art” action, decorating shop windows with sustainable mobility and cycling tour through Nis. Like last year, the City of Belgrade, together with the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia and the coordinator of the entire SCTM mobility week, is organizing a central event on the Republic Square “Pedestrian Week” and a car-free day. At the central event, prizes will be awarded for the photo competition “Sustainable mobility for a healthier life”. The topic of the competition is cycling, scootering, rollerblading, walking, including all other types of non-motorized transportation. The first prize, a voucher for the purchase of an electric scooter, is awarded by the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia, and the second and third, a voucher for the purchase of bicycles and roller skates, are provided by UNDP. Photos from the competition will be exhibited at the town square.

    A significant segment is occupied by the promotion of e-mobility. All categories of e-vehicles (cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and scooters) will be promoted. In addition to the two charging stations for electric cars, presentations of projects in the field of e-mobility will be held. Special attention is paid to the importance of walking for human health, so citizens will be able to measure their blood sugar levels before and after the promotional city walk.
    European Mobility Week is a great opportunity for local communities to come together and discuss various aspects of mobility and air quality, to look for innovative solutions to reduce car use, to try out new technological and planning solutions. The campaign gives citizens the opportunity to explore new possibilities for using city streets and to experiment with practical solutions that contribute to solving important issues for cities, such as air pollution.

    This year marks the jubilee, the 20th anniversary of the European Mobility Week, under the slogan “Let’s move sustainably!” Let’s stay healthy! “Cities and municipalities from Serbia have been participating in the European Mobility Week from the very beginning, and in recent years the number of cities and municipalities from Serbia that participate in the Mobility Week has been constantly growing. The city of Kruševac had the most success in organizing the event, which in 2019 received the award of the European Commission for the best organized event in the whole of Europe.