Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 21.09.2020



    Nis Deputy Mayor Dusica Davidovic, and a councilor in charge of social protection, Adriana Anastasov, member of the Nis City Council in charge of culture and tourism, and Sanja Stojanovic, secretary of the Nis Red Cross, talked with the President Bratislav Vuckovic and Municipal Assembly President Nikola Bozic on September 21 in Palilula about cooperation.

    After getting acquainted with the activities that the Municipality of Palilula realizes in these areas, the participants pointed out the potentials of Palilula in the tourist and catering offer, historical and cultural heritage, events in the field of culture, realization of social protection measures. “As Municipal leadership in the field of social services, we went beyond the framework of the existing practice. Cooperation and partnerships have been initiated with institutions and organizations of civil society in the field of social protection and care for children and youth, pensioners, especially vulnerable groups, reminded the president of the Municipality of Palilula, Bratislav Vuckovic. In cooperation with the Center for Social Work, the Office of the Center was opened in the settlement where the predominantly Roma population lives, and they created an environment of equal opportunities for all.

    One of the strategic commitments of Palilula Municipality, in the Development Action Plan, along with the development of tourism and catering is the preservation of historical and cultural heritage. The green area of the Municipality of Palilula is primarily the memorial complex of the Memorial Park “Bubanj” rich flora and fauna need to be preserved and protected. The Municipality of Palilula cares a lot about changing the image of our city. By arranging cultural and historical monuments, it is just an opportunity to show how important it is to present monuments that testify to the historical past of the city and the people who lived in this area to tourists in the best possible way. ” Thanks to the programs of cross-border cooperation and support of the city, the Municipality has made progress in arranging the Bubanj Memorial Complex and promoting tourist potentials and sights in the field of culture. The cemetery on Delijski vis has been under protection since 1989. The project of further arrangement envisages that the ossuary will be transformed into a memorial complex. Nis’ Old Cemetery “Gorica”, in addition to project arrangements, which should be continued, and occasional cleaning of plants and waste, are constantly under attack by vandals. But that is not enough!? The goal is for the cemeteries to enter the regular maintenance program and get the status of a memorial complex “, the initiative was launched a long time ago?

    Traces of our spirituality and faith in the Municipality of Palilula are the Church of “Sveti Nikola”, Hilandarski Metoh with the Church of “Sveti Sava” and the Theological Seminary on Delijski Vis, Gabrovac Monastery, from the 13th century, today turned into the Church of the “Svete Trojice”. The engineering barracks building from 1900, built in the style of neo-romanticism, reminiscent of medieval castles, with towers and jagged finishes, is a significant architectural structure in Nis. Tutunović cellar and Apel’s brewery, Rasadnik, railway, which testifies to our economic revival (1878) after the liberation from the Turks. According to the councilor Adriana Anastasov, these values who were marked as a priority by the Mayor of Nis, Dragana Sotirovski, were not adequately presented and used in the tourist offer of the city.