Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 12.04.2018



    On the occasion of the realized activities of the partner Municipalities of Pirdop and Palilula on the cross-border project “Promotion of tourist potentials through interactive exhibitions of cultural and historical heritage of the cross-border region”, realized within the INTERREG – IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program Bulgaria-Serbia, in Nis Palilula Municipality on March 11th the meeting of two project teams and management of the two municipalities was organized. It is estimated that the Municipalities of Pirdop and Palilula are rich in sites of cultural significance that can become the basis for the development of cultural tourism on both sides of the border, and that this facility has given new impulses to cooperation.

    Project teams, during 2017, worked on the development of a unique and innovative presentation of tourism potentials in the municipalities of Pirdop and Palilula. As part of the project, the partner Municipalities of Pirdop and Palilula, were documenting a film based on activities and set up two new video panels. Filming and processing of the documentary film “The cultural heritage of Pirdop and Palilula preserved through centuries” was completed within the deadline. After the conducted tender procedure, equipment for the interactive exhibition of cultural heritage in Palilula was purchased. Two video panels were installed, one on the building of the Municipality of Palilula, and the second panel was mounted on the Palilula market, “in the very heart” of Palilula.

    This project, `on the road to a sustainable partnership in the border region`, gathered stakeholders in municipalities, especially tourism and culture stakeholders, non-governmental sector, entrepreneurs and youth. The project was also presented at this year’s 19th International Tourism and Travel Fair, which was held at the Hala Čair in Niš at the end of March.