Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 11.09.2018



    The constitutive session of the Committee on System Affairs and Administration of the SCTM, chaired by Marija Brajdić, Head of the Administration of the City Municipality of Palilula Nis, was held on September 11 in the premises of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities in Belgrade. The Committee’s agenda included suggestions and comments on amendments to the Law on Employees in Autonomous Provinces and Local Self-Government Units, as well as comments on the Model Rules of the Municipal Assembly / City Assembly preparing the SCTM.

    The SCTM Committee on System Affairs and Administration is a permanent SCTM working body to consider issues in the field of local self-government system (in particular issues such as the constitutional and legal position of the local self-government, regulation of the system of local self-government, authorities, jurisdiction, protection of local self-government) in particular in relation to: reform of the work and organization of the administration, improvement of administrative procedures and electronic administration, public administration system, human resources management and professional development in the local administration;), as well as me inter-municipal cooperation in the committee area and other issues in the area covered by the Committee.

    Members of the committees in the 2018-2020 term are representatives of the following cities and municipalities: Alibunar Municipality, Aleksinac Municipality, Municipality of Gornji Milanovac, Municipality of Zabari, Municipality of Knjazevac, Kovin Municipality, Kragujevac Municipality, Municipality of Majdanpek, City of Nis, Novi Becej Municipality, Novi Pazar City, City Municipality of Obrenovac (Belgrade), City Municipality of Pantelej (Nis), Pećinci Municipality, Presevo Municipality, Svrljig Municipality, Ćićevac Municipality, City Municipality of Čukarica, Grad Šabac, Municipality of Šid. The committee is chaired by the City Municipality of Palilula, Niš – the head of the municipal administration, Marija Brajdić, and the Committee Secretary is Marko Tomašević.