Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 06.12.2017



    At the Faculty of Occupational Safety at the University of Nis, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and the support of the Municipal Municipality of Palilula, the 17th National Scientific Meeting with international participation “Man and Work Environment” – Management of the communal system and environmental protection started with its work.

    After the introductory speech of Professor Dragan Spasic, the President of the Organizing Committee of the Conference and Prof. Dr. Nenad Zivkovic (Program Committee), the Dean of the Faculty of Occupational Safety and Health Prof. Momir Praščević addressed the professors. This year’s scientific gathering was opened by the President of Palilula Municipality, Aleksandar Ždrale.

    From 6th to 8th December, the participants of the Scientific Conference will consider the following thematic areas: Management of communal activities, Analysis and assessment of the impact of the utility system on the quality of the work and environment, Efficiency and management of the communal system, Experiences of participants in the provision of utility services and Safety at work theory and practice. According to Professor Spasic, this conceptualized Scientific Meeting is a multidisciplinary platform for researchers from different fields of science and profession to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences that will contribute to the understanding of the real situation in the area of Municipal utility management, its impact on the quality of the environment and the finding of optimal solutions in this authorities. With partner institutions: the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, the European Society of Security Engineers, the Business Association of Utility Companies “Komdel” and the National Association of Cleanness of Serbia “ASWA”, our scientific conference, emphasizes Dr. Dragan Spasić defining the main problems and proposing optimal solutions in the field of management communal system; it enables the exchange of information on the status, problems and impact of the communal system on the quality of the environment; promotes the best available techniques and experiences of good practice in the management of the communal system and encourages scientific and research work in the field of Municipal utility management. A part of the accompanying activities at the opening of the scientific conference was also the Fashion Show of the students of the Art School in Niš who presented models made of recycled materials.