Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 10.04.2018



    Association `Veseli Romi`, in the presence of numerous guests, celebrated this year at the Nis Cultural Center NKC, World Roma Day. The exhibition of photographs of Miroljub Dinić-Japi was opened and the organizations, institutions and individuals were awarded. A memorandum was signed on mutual cooperation between the president of the World organization of Roma and representatives of UG Roma `Veseli Romi`.The participants of this event were greeted by the President of Palilula Municipality, Aleksandar Ždrale, who pointed out that this unit of the local self-government of the City of Niš is responsible for the full integration of Roma in society. The President of Palilula sent a congratulation note to all members of this national minority in Palilula, in which, according to the last census of 2011, there are about 2,745 inhabitants – citizens.

    On April 8th, the World Roma Day was established at the First World Congress of the Roma in London, held from 4th to 8th April 1971, when the name of the Romani people was adopted, which means a man in his mother tongue. This is one of the rare days of the year when citizens recall the problems of a group, pointing to the difficult position of this population in the countries in which they live. Later on, the International Roma Union was founded, which decided that the Roma flag be blue-green with a center point and the `Djelem-djelem` anthem, and that all the dialects of their language be equal. Named the “last freemen”, Roma’s historical and life-path is marked by massive suffering, persecutions and discrimination.