Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 26.06.2018



    Military obliged persons from the territory of the City of Nis, who voluntarily served military service with weapons, in the 2015 generation, were awarded the Badges and Gratitude notes of their fatherland. At the ceremony at the Serbian Army House in Nis (June 26, 2018), organized to promote military service, they were present, along with soldiers and members of their families, and representatives of five city municipalities in Nis, the Niš Diocese. The Ministry of Defense and the Army of Serbia. The city of Niš is among the cities with the greatest response when it comes to military service.

    Badges for volunteer soldiers serving with arms of the homeland were handed over to: Head of Planning Department for defense of the Defense Ministry, Colonel Snezana Vasic, Head of the Regional Center of the Ministry of Defense Nis Colonel Nenad Markovic and the presidents of city municipalities in Nis. On behalf of the City Municipality of Palilula, from whose territory twenty-two young men and women volunteered military service with weapons, this generation of military obliged, was greeted by the President of the Municipality, Aleksandar Ždrale. The ceremony was attended by the Head of administration f the Municipality of Palilula in Niš, Marija Brajdić.

    I am sure that you have successfully mastered all the tasks and gained new knowledge to defend your country. By serving a military service under arms, you have acquired the certificate and the ability to choose a military call as your future occupation and become reserve members of the Serbian Armed Forces, said Colonel Nenad Markovic, the head of the Regional Center of the Ministry of Defense Nis. “Being a soldier of the Army of Serbia has always been an honor and much more than an obligation. Since the abolition of regular military service, it has become voluntary. The overwhelming interest of the youth in the past period was for voluntary military service under arms. During this period, more than 8,000 candidates applied for voluntary military service to the Regional Center of the Ministry of Defense of Nis, of which more than 4,500 completed training. At the moment, 470 candidates are nominated, or just over two candidates for one place, “said Colonel Markovic, at a ceremony in Nis.

    A badge to the soldier on voluntary military service and the Gratitude notes of the homeland are military recognition granted to soldiers after serving a military service for contributing to the protection and strengthening of the defense system of the Republic of Serbia. These recognition are awarded on the basis of the Rules on Recognition and Monetary Remuneration in the Ministry of Defense and the Army of Serbia, to all soldiers who volunteered to serve in the military period after the termination of military service obligation in 2011.