Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 15.07.2019



    Numerous tourists, visitors to this part of Serbia, as well as interested citizens, will have the opportunity to see the cultural and historical sights of the City of Niš through an 80-minute tour with a tourist-panoramic bus. This is another offer of the Niš Tourist Organization to see panoramic sights from an open bus and at distant destinations from the city center, such as the Median-archeological site, Cele kula, the monument on Cegar, Bubanj Memorial Park. On this occasion, a group of journalists, City and Republic officials had the opportunity to take a tour of the offered tour sites on a promotional trip from the panoramic bus.

    According to Aleksandar Ždrale, President of Palilula, this is a significant step forward in promoting our rich historical and cultural heritage. The statistics fully justify the purchase of a tourist bus, as the number of visitors, especially foreigners, is significantly increased, not only during famous city festivals, says Uroš Parlić, director of TON – Niš Tourist Organization. In Europe and in cities and around Nis, this type of tourist offer has a long tradition, and Niš has now, finally, joined the community of visited tourist destinations, with a wide offer. According to Parlic words, the City of Nis participated in the realization and purchase of the tourist bus, which will be the responsibility of the Tourist Organization. The bus will have three departures per day, from the parking lot behind the National Theater and will visit nine locations in the City, which tourists most often want to visit.

    This will make it easier for them to visit the sights they are interested in. The bus has 78 seats, 48 of which are in the gallery. Tourists will be informed about the most important facts by an audio guide, for now in Serbian and English. One ride will be subsidized by the City of Nis, and the ticket price for adults will be 400 dinars, while for children up to 12 years, the ride will be free of charge. Departures should be at 11, 13 and 15 o’clock, along the route next to the Fortress, the camp on the Red Cross, Bubanj, Nikola Pasic Street, to Cele Kula, the site of Medijana, Niska Banja and Cegar ..
    Info: +381 18 520 207 +381 18 250 222, +381 18 523118.