Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 21.11.2022



    Slobodan Stojanović, an agricultural producer from Pasi Poljana, harvested a pumpkin weighing 37 kilograms on his farm.

    On November 18, 2022, at the “Bubanj” market in Jovana Babunski Street, also known as the “Moravska market”, the respected individual agricultural producer Slobodan Stojanović, in the presence of the market manager Miroslav Srejić, the collector Dobrica Miladinović and customers, cut a white pumpkin from 37 kilograms. Stojanović says that he planted the seeds on soil that contains humus and burnt manure, in a place with plenty of sun. During the summer, he watered the plant regularly and only in the late evening and early morning hours, due to the high daytime temperatures and the heating of the plant. He points out that he did not use any means against diseases, as well as for nutrition and increased growth. He was surprised by the growth of the fruit. With the help of the family, he picked the pumpkin and immediately weighed it, and to the great surprise of all of them, it weighed 37 kilograms.

    White pumpkin – our banana or popularly called pečenka is a popular delicacy during the winter. On Christmas Eve, a fried pumpkin is brought out, and according to folk custom, each member of the household eats a piece for health and happiness. Pumpkin is an annual herbaceous plant from the gourd family, it has a trunk that lies on the ground, about one centimeter in diameter. Plant stem is a bush, which in favorable climatic conditions can grow up to 10 meters in length. Vultures can climb a fence, a tree…. but growing large fruits quickly pull it to the ground or tear the bags. The roast is delicious if it matures well in the oven. Pečenka, peca, white dulek are traditionally grown in gardens and fields together with corn. Beta carotene, which is abundant in pumpkin, has multiple protective effects on the human body. It blocks the action of free radicals and thus directly prevents damage to the cell’s DNA structure, it acts as a strong antioxidant. Experts recommend 7 to 11 milligrams per day as needed by the body. In prevention it is used to reduce the risk of throat, esophagus, and stomach cancer. (K:V)