Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 27.09.2018



    Dear Palilula residents,
    the tenth anniversary number of the Palilula Newspaper magazine came out of the press. We do everything to make the work of the Municipality of Palilula visible and transparent. For the tenth year in a row, in the form of a yearbook, we document the traces of work and life in the Municipality of Palilula. Our notes and photographs, for a year, were created on the pages called “Palilulske novine” and available to citizens and Municipal assembly members in printed form, but also in electronic form. Forty pages in ten sections cover the most important activities of the bodies and forms of operation of the Municipality, organizations and institutions, receptions and meetings in our unit of local self-government of the City of Niš.

    At the time of “project financing”, the privatization of local media and the lack of publicity of the public media service to report on the events at the local, our newsletter has repeatedly confirmed the justification of existence, especially in the realization of the media component of cross-border projects. Our donors, most often EU funds, had adequate information on the sustainability of projects and dedicated spending of funds, and citizens on the importance of support to the local community. From this distance, the journey of ten years of “documented trail” activities in Palilula Municipality is one very important and valuable document of a time.

    In Niš, September 9, 2018, Dragan Vidojkovic, editor-in-chief