Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 04.04.2019



    President of Palilula Municipality, Aleksandar Zdrale, spoke on April 4th with the President of the Cooperative Association of Nisava and Toplica Districts Mile Davidovic on the development of agricultural production and villages in the Municipality of Palilula. On this occasion, the President of Palilula pointed out that the territory of Palilula Municipality includes 15 villages.

    We are committed to devoting more attention to the development of the village so that people can stay on their property. The total agricultural area of the Municipality of Palilula is 7,395 hectares, out of which 6,648 hectares are arable land, and 747 hectares are pastures. With the “Strategic Development Plan of the Municipality”, we identified the primary task of revitalization of villages, which in the future are expected to be the basis for sustainable development of the Palilula Municipality and the City of Nis.

    According to Mile Davidovic, from the budget of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, in 2017, grants were granted in the framework of the Program of support for the implementation of measures of equal regional development of the Republic of Serbia by the participation of the state in economic and financial incentives for the establishment of new cooperatives and investment projects of the existing cooperatives. funds to farmers in the total amount of 196 million dinars, while funds for the same purpose in 2018 were realized in the amount of 825 million dinars. The largest number of agricultural cooperatives was extinguished in the mountainous areas of southeastern Serbia. The main task of our Cooperative is to help strengthen and connect agricultural cooperatives in environments where conditions and initiatives are in place. This meeting was also attended by the head of the Palilula President Cabinet Dragan Stoiljkovic.