Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 24.12.2019


    A ceremony on the occasion of the completion of project activities under the “Gender Equality Improvement Strategy” of the City Municipality of PALILULA NIS in 2019, and the Promotion of Successful Artists and Creators in the Field of Culture (final project activity) was held on Tuesday, December 24 in the Niš Cultural Center.

    On this occasion, the President of the Municipal Assembly Adriana Anastasov and the President of the Palilula Municipality, Aleksandar Zdrale, thanked the institutions, organizations and individuals who helped to realize the project activities.

    In 2019, according to Adriana Anastasov, EIGHT THEMES OF THE PROJECT ON GENDER EQUALITY were implemented: Access to health services for women, with emphasis on rural women and women with disabilities (March and October); Assisting women in facilitating self-employment and employment through entrepreneurship education (April); Promotion of successful amateur female athletes (May); Promotion of Successful Elementary and High School Students – US IS TIME FOR US, (June); Support for single parents (from September 1st); Education on Domestic Violence / Partnership, School Children and Youth (October); Promotion of successful artists and creators in the field of culture (December); Laws, regulations, the work of the women’s network and the commission on gender equality.

    President of Municipality Aleksandar Ždrale thanked the Women’s Council Network of Palilula Municipality and the Commission for Gender Equality of the Assembly of Palilula for its activities to implement the Strategy.