Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 11.04.2018


    we have the pleasure to share with you the wonderful news that a new monograph book about Palilula is being prepared, which will be a treasure of photographs, lectures and anecdotes. For all this we need your help:

    We would like you to go through your old albums and pictures of yours and our Palilula, share your ancestors’ photos, Palilula streets and alleys with everyone, send a scan with the data or submit them personally to the address of the Municipality. Of course, all the photos will be returned, but they will also be parts of a publication that will remain as a testimony of one past time and people.

    We hope that we can enrich our monograph together, and besides the album, you have a book that is the seal of our Palilula and our city.

    Send your scanned image data to e-mail or personally to the address

    Center for Entrepreneurship Development – CRP
    Palilula Municipality
    Vojvode Putnika, number 8.

    All information related to the Monograph can be obtained by phone 018 566 011.