Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 02.05.2020


    Palilula Municipality, City of Nis, informs the public that after last night’s verbal attacks and insults that the volunteers of Palilula, Mediana and Pantelej experienced from unknown young men, they stopped distributing goods packages to help pensioners near the Old Cemetery.
    Namely, a group of masked people, who appeared at around 7.30 pm in Carnojevica street, directed insulting words at the volunteers, about which the President of this City Municipality, Aleksandar Zdrale, was informed who came at the spot and tried to stop this situation to get even worse.

    Some media, without checking the facts, tried to connect the City Municipality of Palilula and President Aleksandar Ždrale with the rioters who caused the incident, which the City Municipality of Palilula dismisses with disgust as a failed attempt to replace the thesis.

    Retirees who were scheduled to receive the package on Friday, the volunteers will visit in the coming days.

    President’s Affairs Department,
    Council and Municipal Assembly of Palilula-
    Public relations and information