Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 08.03.2018



    International Women’s Day, March 8, is also marked in Palilula Municipality. The President of the Municipality, Aleksandar Ždrale, organized a reception for women who are engaged in the work of the Municipal administration. On this occasion, after the delivery of the flower bouquets the current issues of the position of women in society were discussed.

    The “Women’s Day” was established at the Second International Conference of Women Socialists on March 8, 1910 in Copenhagen, at the initiative of German Clara Cetkin, then the leader of the women’s workers’ movement. This day is celebrated in a memory of the demonstrations of American workers in Chicago in 1909 and the New York Marsh of more than 15,000 women a year earlier, demanding shorter working hours, better wages and voting rights. Women’s Day was first marked in 1911 in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark, and on that day more than one million women and men attended the gathering where was asked that women vote in the elections, to be allowed to take public positions, to have the right to work and vocational education right. In 1914 it started to be celebrated in Serbia.