Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 15.07.2018



    “Music for Love and Peace in the World” is a traditional concert organized by the Serbian Youth Philharmonic Naissus with conductor Zoran Andric on Sunday, July 15th at Spomen Park Bubanj.

    It is about the music spectacle, which, according to the model of world metropolis cities, is held in Nis for the third year in a row, and since next year, with the decision of the City of Nis Council of Culture, it becomes a public city event.

    In addition to the Naissus Youth Philharmonic, soloists Sanja Kerkez, Natasa Rasic, Janko Sinadinovic and Ivan Tomasevic performed as soloists, as well as guest Neiva Martinez, soprano from Mexico. “Mozart’s Requiem is a work of unprecedented beauty. The requiem is more than music. It is the seal of the tragic fate of the great composer and the ingenious work that has attracted the most diverse audiences for centuries, “says the maestro Zoran Andric, with whose administration this concert was held. Summer concerts of the Philharmonic orchestra, which take place under the clear sky, are among the most popular concerts of classical music in the world. Belgrade had its first such concert last year, a year after Nis. The concert “Music for Love and Peace in the World” was held at the Amphitheater Memorial Park Bubanj with the support of the City of Niš and the Niš Cultural Center.