Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 25.02.2022


    On the occasion of the upcoming memorial services and the anniversary of his death, a memorial service was held at the Old Cemetery in Nis for Atanasij Petrović-Tasa (1824–1894), a teacher of famous Niš residents.

    After the memorial service held by Archpriest Staurophore Branko Cincarevic, flowers and wreaths were laid at the TEACHER TASA memorial place by a delegation from the Palilula Municipality led by the president Bratislav Vuckovic and a delegation of professors and students from the Teacher Tasa Elementary School led by school principal Radmila Krstic. This gathering was also attended by members of the Association of Creators of Nis, Zivojin Stanisavljevic-Cika Zika, author of the monograph on teacher Tasa and old cemeteries in Nis, Novica Randjelic, MA, President of the Association and Dragan Vidojkovic, MA, Secretary General of the USN.

    Atanasije Petrović-Teacher Tasa, was the most famous educator in Niš in the 19th century. After the liberation of Nis from the Turks, in 1878 he was appointed director of the National School in Nis by the newly established government. He was in that position until 1880 when he retired. He was buried in the Old Nis Cemetery.
    Let the lighted candles light the heavenly paths for this great educator and the famous TEACHER (Photos by Dragan Vidojković)