Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 06.08.2022



    On the sidelines of the film premiere of the documentary “Death Camp in Karašjok” in the city of Moss near Oslo, Norway, on Saturday, August 6, a delegation from the City of Niš – Palilula Municipality (Republic of Serbia) consisting of Bratislav Vučković, President of the Palilula Municipality – Niš, Dušica Davidović, deputy Mayor of the City of Niš, prof. Dr. Miško Živić, member of the Municipal Council of Palilula, Niš and Ivana Jocić Veselić, Palilula Municipality Niš in charge of translation and international cooperation, had the first meeting with businessmen from Oslo (Norway). Businessmen Erik Sannes (Star Solar Norway), Tormod Rødsten and Johannes Solberg (Lien gård) participated in a very meaningful conversation, which included the presentation of the potentials of the City of Niš and Palilula Municipality.

    The Norges Group brings together businessmen from various branches of the economy. They are interested in importing organic domestic products from Serbia. They also discussed solar panels and Serbia’s potential in this regard. Visits of Norwegian businessmen to Serbia are planned – during the premiere of the film, which is expected on August 25 in Nis, as well as a meeting at the Nis Regional Chamber of Commerce for contacts with businessmen from this part of Serbia. (D.V)