Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 27.01.2021



    The President of Palilula Municipality, Bratislav Vuckovic, and the Mayor of Nis, Dragana Sotirovski, attended the Ceremonial Academy on the occasion of the day of “Saint Sava”, which was held at the Elementary School “Branko Radicevic” in Gabrovac.

    On this occasion, in the presence of the school principal Glorija Radojčić, the children were given gifts and were congratulated for the St Sava day. “Follow the enlightenment ideas and find inspiration for your activities in the rich legacy of Saint Sava,” said President Bratislav Vuckovic. It is the responsibility of the local authorities to help you along the way.

    I want this day, in memory of the Serbian archbishop and educator of Saint Sava, to be marked by your teaching staff and students in a good mood and with beautiful thoughts. President Vuckovic and a member of the Municipal Council, Prof. Dr. Miško Živić, also attended the Saint Sava academies in the Special School “Bubanj” and the Institution Nis Cultural Center. (D.V.)