Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 05.04.2018



    Thanks to “KOMUNALKO” – an application that connects citizens of the Municipality of Palilula with utility services, daily waste and wild dumps on the ground which are settled in the Municipality of Palilula are cleaned. Workers of the cleaner sector and the green sector of the PUC Mediana, after the Municipal inspector’s report, cleared the dump in Prolomska street, number 4. Due to the unsuitable configuration of the terrain, the accumulated waste was removed manually.

    As part of the planned activity of street hygiene maintenance, the cleaners of the PUC Mediana, after registration of the Communal inspector of the Municipality, cleaned the dump site around the container on March 16 and along the road in the settlement “Crvena Zvezda”, next to the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. And in this part of the settlement, disrespectful citizens are piling up Municipal waste outside the container. Thanks to project activities, campaigns and good cooperation with the non-governmental sector, EKOpolis, in the environmental education of the population, according to the Municipal inspector Ivone Murge, in the Municipality of Palilula, the allocation for these purposes in the budget has been reduced.

    Following the registration of citizens and the inspection of the Municipal inspection of the Municipality of Palilula on the ground, due to inadequate disposal of Municipal waste in the streets of “Petar Arandjelovic” and “Bubanjski heroji”, according to Donje Medjurovo, cleaners of the PUC Mediana were engaged in the removal of municipal waste. According to the communal inspector of Palilula Municipality, the collected waste was transported to a landfill in seven trucks. “We have appealed to citizens, house councils, said the Palilula President Aleksandar Ždrale, to comply with the rules of communal order, not to dispose of waste from the container, that the care of the environment becomes part of all of us.

    A certain shift has been achieved through the activities in environmental education in Palilula. However, we must all persist in this plan, says the president of Palilula, if we want a clean and healthy environment. Citizens can, through our application “KOMUNALKO” – which connects citizens of the City Municipality of Palilula with utility services, point at the problem that it will be rehabilitated by the intervention of the competent services. Citizens can download the app from the Google Play Store for free, and no registration is required for use. It works by allowing application users to report a problem through their smartphone, describe and possibly copy, and Palilula Municipality will delegate to the competent service the solution of this problem. Citizens can monitor the current status of every reported problem through the site of Palilula in the “Applications” section. Also, in the application you can find the phone numbers of all public utilities in the city.