Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 29.08.2022


    Public participation in the work of local self-government is one of the fundamental principles of good democratic practice and good management of the local community, which is the foundation of sustainable development. Participatory budgeting implies the participation of the public in the budget process, which is based on the right of citizens to participate in making decisions and policies that affect their lives.

    The Municipality of Palilula is in the process of preparing the Draft Decision on the budget for 2023, and on this ocancasionoccasion, it appeals to citizens living in the territory of the Municipality of Palilula to help create the budget with their proposals and suggestions.

    All your proposals will be considered from the point of view of the competences that the Municipality has provided by the Statute, as well as the monetary income that the Municipality achieves. You can send proposals to the following addresses:

    The deadline for submission of proposals is September 20, 2022.

    The date of the public debate on the Draft Decision on the Budget of Palilula Municipality for 2023 will be determined later.