Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 11.01.2020


    On the occasion of the Liberation Day of Nis from the Turks – January 11th, a delegation of the Palilula Municipality, led by Aleksandar Zdrale, the President, with members of the Municipal Council Lazar Dinic and Milan Andrejic, laid a wreath on the monument to the liberators in King Milan Square.

    On this occasion, after the leadership of the City of Niš, wreaths were also laid by representatives of the District, the Serbian army, police and associations that nurture the tradition of Serbian liberation wars. Nis was liberated on January 11, 1878. More than 15,000 Serbian soldiers with 100 cannons were around Nis for four days in the snow and very cold weather. The decisive attack was carried out by a forest corps from the direction of Selicevica Mountain and forces under the command of Colonel Milojko Lesjanin from the North. After almost five hundred years, the Serbian flag was put on the ramparts of the Niš fortress.

    Prince Milan Obrenovic then proudly exclaimed in front of the fortress: “This flag is for us a sign that every citizen, regardless of religion, can count on the benevolent protection of the prince-knjaz. I applaud you as an advocate for justice, as a defender of freedom for all citizens, for all religions. ”