Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 20.02.2018



    The Center for Media Research Center (CIMP), the legal successor of the `Lubris Extra Plus` Research Agency, renewed the award called “Ekran” to television journalists under the patronage of the Mayor of Nis, Darko Bulatovic and the City of Nis. According to Zdravko Stojanic, this year’s award was given to journalists on the basis of results of public opinion survey, on a sample of 750 respondents, in several categories. “The support of journalists and media by the City is of great importance for the general objective information of citizens” – said Stojnic. The presentation of the Ekran award to this year’s laureates was done in the City Hall in the presence of Mayor Darko Bulatovic, Chief of Nisava District Dragana Sotirovski, members of the City Council, representatives of the Council of the Municipality of Palilula (Ivica Stojanovic) and TON Director Uros Parlic.

    In the category of “Information Program”, the award “EKRAN” was handed to the TV recorder of the RTS Correspondence in Niš, Jovica Krstic. In the category “Morning program” of NTV Niš to Nikola Markovic; Afternoon contact program, TV show “Danas” TV Zona plus Maja Vodeničarski; Informative contact program “Prizma” TV Kopernikus by Ruzica Simonovic; Evening Contact Program “In Focus”, TV Zone plus, Danijela Ivanković; Evening social-political show “Between Rows” by RTV Belami, author Dušica Dejić; Weekend contact program “Statement of the Week”, journalist Svetlana Petrović-Ceca. According to the opinion of the respondents, in the category of Nis Chronicle, the most watched TV review is “Milena’s corner” by RTV Belami, author Milena Vidojković. The entertainment program and the show “Café Promaja” TV Zona plus by Dragan Žike Stojanović and the Sport program TV Kopernikus, the show “Tajm aut”, edited by journalists Milan Kostic and Nikola Sipovac.

    Special acknowledgments were also given to journalists-editors of radio, print and portal: Radio “Bum 018” for radio promotion of Nis; “Super radio” for the contact program; Correspondence “Novosti”, Daliborka Alihodzic for objective reporting from the region; The “NIS NEWS” portal for the cultural promotion of the city of Niš; The “South News- Juzne vesti” portal for investigative journalism; Ivana Antovic, for the promotion of music as a tourist offer. This year, the Center for Media Research Center (CIMP) has established three special awards that have been awarded to journalists with the largest number of respondents. The first place went to Dušica Dejić (RTV Belami), the other Maja Vodeničarski (TV Zona plus) and the third to Ružica Simonović (TV Kopernikus).