Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 24.12.2018



    On the occasion of the completion of the realization of the project activities within the framework of the “STRATEGY FOR IMPROVING GENDER EQUALITY” of Palilula Municipality, Nis in 2018, in the premises of the Nis Cultural Center, a press conference and a special ceremony took place on 24 December. On this occasion, the President of the Municipal Assembly of Palilula, Adriana Anastasov and the President of the Palilula Municipality, Aleksandar Ždrale, gave gratitude to the institutions, organizations and individuals who helped realize the project activities. Municipality of Palilula expressed gratitude: Zoran Jovic, director of the Center for Social Work “Sveti Sava” in Nis and Miljan Milenovic; Ministry of Internal Affairs – Police Administration in Nis; Sonja Scekic, Director of the Safe House in Nis; prof.dr Milorad Jerkan, director of the Health Center in Nis and spec.dr Nevena Simović and Ivana Živković; Srđan Savić to the director of the Niš Cultural Center; Boban Matic, Director of the National Employment Service and members of this collective Natasa Stankovic and Dragan Ognjanovic.

    From the media representatives, the award was given to RTV Belami, Vidosav Vitko Radomirović, editor-in-chief Svetlana Petrović and Milena Vidojković and Narodne novine Niš Slavica Stojanović; TV Zona Plus, Director Slađani Ostojić (received by Dragan Stojanović Žika); Nis Television and Milena Antić; TV Copernicus Nis, Zvezdan Milovanovic; The Women’s Council Network and the Gender Equality Commission of the Municipal Municipality of Palilula. Thanks were also given to the members of the project team, Milan Nikolić, Dragan Stoiljković and Dragan Vidojković.Assembly of the Municipality of Palilula, at a session held on September 14, in the year, adopted a decision on the adoption of the Strategy for the Promotion of Gender Equality of the Municipal Municipality of Palilula – Nis with the Action Plan 2017-2021. years. During 2018 we were very active in achieving project activities and goals of the Strategy, pointed out Adriana Anastasov.

    We focused our activities on achieving the following goals: Improving the health protection of women; Providing assistance to single parents with school children; Raising the awareness of the urban and rural population about domestic violence / partnership and the economic empowerment and independence of women. In order to improve gender equality, special measures are needed to eliminate direct and indirect discrimination against women, as well as empowerment of equal opportunities for full realization of human rights, while at the same time strengthening the process of including gender perspective in all areas of social life, said the Mayor of Palilula. Through this document we have established the overall local policy in order to eliminate discrimination against women, improve their position and integrate the principles of gender equality in all areas of the functioning of the institutions of the system as one of the elements of modernization and democratization of society. I especially wish to thank the Women’s Council Network GO Palilula and the Commission for Gender Equality of the Assembly of Palilula Municipality for unselfish activity in achieving the goals of the Strategy.