Gradska opstina Palilula

  • PUBLISHED 20.09.2018



    The Center for the Improvement of the Quality of Life “Preobrazenje” organized on September 20, in the park Ozren, on the plateau in front of the Temple of the St.Petka, art workshop on the theme “Autumn in my Palilula”. This activity is part of the project CUKŽ “Preobrazenje” – entitled “Developing awareness of the importance of traditional and cultural values”, which is realized under the auspices of Palilula Municipality and in cooperation with the elders of the Church of Sv. Petka. The workshop was attended by 30 children from elementary school “Kralj Petar-Prvi”. This activity was also attended by the President of the Municipality of Palilula, Aleksandar Ždrale, who gave presents to the most successful authors with the President of the Association, Prof. Dr. Mirjana Marković. The announced the participation of the children from the School for Elementary and Secondary Education “Carica Jelena” (earlier on October 14) was missing for technical reasons.